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Enjoy Exceptional Value With an Exclusive Putzmeister Advantage

Putzmeister is continuing to deliver the complete concrete solution with the latest Putzmeister advantage. In addition to advanced industry knowledge, full line of premium products and genuine support, we’re offering tremendous value with this exclusive benefit.

Available on all Mack chassis for Boom Pumps and Telebelts®Available for both 13-liter and 11-liter enginesSuggested Retail Value of $5,000 for 13-liter and $4,000 for 11-liter

Putzmeister Purchase Coverage — Engine and Eats Systems

In Addition to Standard WarrantyA total of 60 Months, 250,000 MilesUnlimited Hours of Operation
Turbo Charger EGR System Hoses and Lines, Supplied with Engine
Engine and Sensor Harness (EA Harness) Engine Brake Mechanism (VEB) Idler Pulley
Injectors Engine Control Module (ECM) Intake Manifold Castings
Injector Sleeves Engine Heat Shield Oil Cooler Core
Air Compressor Engine Mounted Sensors Oil Fill Tube and Cap
Bearings Exhaust Manifold Oil Filter Housing
Camshaft Fan Belt Tensioner Assembly and Bracket Oil Pan
Connecting Rods Flywheel Oil Pump
Coolant Duct Cover Fuel Filter Housing Piston, Rings, Liners and Cooling Nozzles
Coolant Pump Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve Pre-heater
Crank Case Fuel Supply Pump Rocker Arm Assembly and Shaft
Crankshaft Gasket, Seals, O Rings, Silicon Sealant Power Steering Pump, Fuel Supply Pump
Cylinder Block Assembly Timing Gear and Cover Thermostat and Thermostat Housing
Cylinder Head Assembly PTO drive housing / REPTO
Aftertreatment Control Module (ACM) DEF Tank Assembly Exhaust Aftertreatment Sensors
DEF Pump Assembly DPF Assembly SCR Assembly

Please Contact Your Sales Manager for Additional Details

Effective for all pump and Telebelt deliveries after April 1, 2015 in U.S. and Canada only.  Please refer to the respective certificate for full details.


Document Name File Size File Type
Putzmeister and Mack Warranty Program (1.04 Mb) PDF Download
Mack Engine - Extended Warranty Certificate (113 Kb) PDF Download
Mack EATS - Extended Warranty Certificate (100 Kb) PDF Download
Mack Engine Warranty on EPA 2014 - Standard Warranty Certificate (34 Kb) PDF Download
Mack 2013 and Newer - Standard Warranty Certificate (35 Kb) PDF Download